It stars the real-life father and daughter pairing of Ryan and Tatum O'Neal as protagonists Moze and Addie. Paramount Pictures "That means that my hands stopped working. The youngest actor to win remains Timothy Hutton, who was 20 when he was named Best Supporting Actor for Ordinary People in 1981. “Of course,” Jones points out, like Tatum O’Neal’s, “his was really a leading role, too.”. She had no idea how … Michael Nordine En route to Addie's relatives, Moses learns that the 9 … [15] Gary Arnold of The Washington Post wrote that the film "may prove a keen disappointment if you go with high expectations. Tatum O'Neal - PAPER MOON / ペーパー・ムーン 1973 - YouTube McCambridge initially didn’t receive credit for her work and criticised director William Friedkin in the press. Producer Hal Wallis at Warner Bros had a knack for overseeing films that were both mainstream and had a social conscience. Terry, Clifford (January 7, 1973). Tatum grew up in Los Angeles, California along with her brother Griffin ONeal. After 16-year-old Patty Duke (The Miracle Worker) beat 10-year-old Mary Badham (To Kill a Mockingbird) for Best Supporting Actress in 1963, “the academy realised child actors are just like adult actors and did away with the Juvenile Awards”, Arnold Wayne Jones, author of The Envelope, Please: The Ultimate Academy Awards Trivia Book, says. [7] The whiskey being sold by the bootlegger shown toward the end of the film is Three Feathers blended whiskey, a label introduced by Oldtyme Distilling Corp. in 1882 and still produced up to the 1980s. The two kinds of Depression-era movies we remember best are the ones that ignored the Depression altogether and the ones like “The Grapes of Wrath” that took it as a subject. [6], Various changes were made in adapting the book to film. The film, shot in black-and-white, is set in Kansas and Missouri during the Great Depression. “This was the first opportunity to try to channel her energy and mind into something constructive,” he told People in 1974. “And give her what she never had enough of – love.”. Not only did Casablanca have Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman and Claude Rains, but it also dealt with refugees, betrayal and wartime politics. Seeking advice from his close friend and mentor Orson Welles, Bogdanovich listed Paper Moon as a possible alternative. Tatum had that secret weapon you need in supporting races, which is a lead role. Peter Bogdanovich’s “Paper Moon” somehow manages to make these two approaches into one, so that a genre movie about a con man and a little girl is teamed up with the real poverty and … Thereafter Moses visits recently-widowed women, pretending to have previously sold expensive, personalized Bibles to their deceased husbands, and the widows pay him for the Bibles inscribed with their names. You wouldn’t think the two approaches would fit together, somehow, but, they do, and the movie comes off as more honest and affecting than if Bogdanovich had simply paid tribute to older styles". There was no fanfare from anyone who mattered to me, so the pride and self-worth I might have gained from what most people would consider a life-defining honour was leached away. Some accuse the film of being pious and self-righteous but it deals frankly and very movingly with both the soldiers’ problems and those of their families and friends in understanding them. Other articles where Paper Moon is discussed: Peter Bogdanovich: Films: Bogdanovich’s success continued with Paper Moon (1973), a comedy filmed in the black-and-white appropriate to the 1936 setting. I've killed just about everything that walks or crawled at one time or another, and I'm here to kill you, Little Bill,” he tells old rival Gene Hackman. Academy voters are sometimes accused of self-righteousness and prudery, but thankfully that didn’t stop them giving the best picture Oscar to The Apartment. It is also magnificently acted. All would have been worthy winners in other years. Why Tatum O’Neal’s 1974 Oscar win was clouded in family drama. At the time, O’Neal updated fans of … Tatum Beatrice O'Neal (born November 5, 1963) is an American actress and author. Ryan O'Neal teams up with his daughter Tatum in this very bright, very warm, and very funny period film for which Tatum won an Oscar® in her first film role. Tatum O'Neal and Ryan O'Neal on screen in Paper Moon. "Photos in 5 Minutes: 39 Bogdanovich". As an adult, O’Neal has attracted attention for her marriage to and divorce from tennis star John McEnroe and her recovery from drug addiction as well as her sporadic acting roles (Rescue Me, God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness). But the perception of her performance may have been tainted by the revelation that her demonic voice had been dubbed by Mercedes McCambridge (herself a Best Supporting Actress winner, for the 1949 movie All the King’s Men). Start your Independent Premium subscription today. This is one of the greatest. Joseph L Mankiewicz’s drama about a young actress on the make and the established star whose career she wants to usurp boasts some of the most caustic dialogue in any Hollywood best picture winner. See more ideas about paper moon, tatum o’neal, moon. Marlon Brando gives arguably his greatest performance of all as Terry Molloy, the dockworker and pigeon fancier who could have been a contender in life and in the boxing ring if only his brother had stood by him when he needed him most. Arnold, Gary (June 15, 1973). But that achievement didn’t stop her from feeling abandoned by her parents, writes Bruce Fretts, Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my profile. "'Paper Moon'—Real Star". Jan 7, 2018 - One of my favourite films ever!. Few other best picture winners are as engrained in the public consciousness as Casablanca. These days, it sometimes seems heretical to admit to an admiration for Woody Allen but his best films stand up as well as ever. Various shooting locations include the Midland Hotel at Wilson, Kansas; the railway depot at Gorham, Kansas; storefronts and buildings on Main Street in White Cloud, Kansas; Hays, Kansas; sites on both sides of the Missouri River; Rulo Bridge; and St. Joseph, Missouri. Annie Hall offers the New York based comedian’s familiar angst and also has a superlative performance from Diane Keaton as the free spirited, preppy heroine he falls in love with. Ryan O'Neal plays the smooth-talking con man Moses Pray, driving through depression-era Kansas with a carload of deluxe bibles, a gold tooth behind a convincing smile, and a list of newly widowed prospects for his line. It's bad enough Ryan O'Neal allowing his daughter to smoke at that age, never mind filming it. The car Moses is driving when he agrees to take Addie home is a 1930 Ford Model A convertible; the car Moses buys to impress Miss Trixie is a 1936 Ford V8 De Luxe convertible. Paper Moon is a 1973 American road comedy-drama film directed by Peter Bogdanovich and released by Paramount Pictures. Bogdanovich had worked with Tatum's father Ryan O'Neal on What's Up, Doc?, and decided to cast them as the leads. Welles responded: "That title is so good, you shouldn't even make the picture, you should just release the title! The best MGM musicals showed extraordinary artistry. They catch the truck and leave together. Her role is something special in the well-established tradition of children on film. [17], At the Academy Awards, Tatum O'Neal won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, making her the youngest competitive Academy Award winner to date (at age 10).[18]. The Paper Moon star, ... Tatum O'Neal/Instagram. To O’Neal, then 9 years old, starring in Paper Moon was a chance to be with her dad, skip school, and learn how to read well. An honorary Academy Juvenile Award was presented sporadically to young stars beginning with 6-year-old Shirley Temple in 1935 and ending with 14-year-old Hayley Mills in 1961. Moses (Ryan O'Neal) and Addie (Tatum O'Neal) pull a scam on an unfortunate cashier in "Paper Moon": $20 Bill - Paper Moon (5/8) … Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, the youngest competitive Academy Award winner, Best Screenplay – Based on Material from Another Medium, Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy, Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy, San Sebastián International Film Festival, "The 46th Academy Awards (1974) Nominees and Winners", Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women,, American Broadcasting Company original programming, Films featuring a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award-winning performance, Articles lacking reliable references from February 2021, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 2 February 2021, at 14:23. PAPER MOON [1973 / 2015] [Masters of Cinema] [Blu-ray + DVD] Tatum O'Neal Makes A Sensational Screen Debut! 1 Copy "Tatum O'Neal: A Paper Life" By Tatum O'Neal. I have been a long time fan and have enjoyed collecting info over the years about the film. Good-Good+ Condition. Ryan O’Neal was in England filming Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon at the time. And she had this irresistible charm, At the Academy Awards a few months later, Tatum O’Neal, wearing a mini-tuxedo inspired by the suits favoured by Bianca Jagger (who later said she had an affair with Ryan O’Neal in the early 1970s), received a huge ovation when she won the Oscar and said only, “All I really want to thank is my director, Peter Bogdanovich, and my father.” Her grandfather, Charles O’Neal, accompanied her onstage and added, “Her grandfather thanks you, her father thanks you and I know Tatum thanks you.”. Tatum O’Neal made history at merely age ten when she won the Academy Award for Paper Moon, a period piece set in the United States during the Great Depression.She co-starred alongside her famous father, Ryan O’Neal, and was the youngest person to win an Oscar for best supporting actress in 1974. Ryan O'Neal teams up with his daughter Tatum in this very bright, very warm, and very funny period film for which Tatum won an Oscar® in her first film role. While watching the Ryan O'Neal / Tatum O'Neal film "Paper Moon" (1973), I was appalled to see quite a few scenes with 9 YEAR OLD Tatum O'Neal smoking. But that achievement didn’t stop her from feeling abandoned by her parents, writes Bruce Fretts, {{#verifyErrors}} {{message}} {{/verifyErrors}} {{^verifyErrors}} {{message}} {{/verifyErrors}}, The Oscar’s win that was clouded in family drama, Everything you need to know ahead of this year’s Oscars nominations, The early Oscars front runners mysteriously forgotten by awards season, Oscar nominations predictions: From A Star is Born to Roma, Green Book becomes firm Oscar frontrunner after latest award win, Everything we know so far about the 2019 Oscars, Kevin Hart’s latest film tops US box-office despite Oscars backlash. Elia Kazan’s On the Waterfront can be read as the director’s attempt at justifying his own craven behaviour, naming names in front of the House Committee on UnAmerican Activities, during the communist witch hunts. Addie soon becomes friends with Imogene and becomes jealous of Trixie. [9], Director of photography László Kovács used a red filter on the camera on Orson Welles' advice. Tatum O’Neal, American actress who, at the age of 10, became the youngest person to receive a competitive Academy Award, for her performance in Paper Moon (1973). Addie overhears this conversation and, after Moses spends nearly half the money fixing his old Model A convertible and buying her a train ticket, she demands the money as rightfully hers, whereupon Moses agrees to let Addie travel with him until he has raised back the full $200 to give to her. Only Billy Wilder could have made a romantic comedy based around infidelity, drudgery and office politics and turned it into a film as delightful as this. Read our full mailing list consent terms here. At a local grain mill, Moses convinces the brother of the man who accidentally killed Addie's mother to give him $200 for the newly orphaned Addie. [8] The feeling I most associate with winning an Oscar is an overwhelming sadness at being abandoned by my parents – both of them, for my mother remained silent – one more time.” Moore died in 1997; Tatum O’Neal eventually attempted to reconcile with her father and documented it in another memoir, Found: A Daughter’s Journey Home, in 2011. Moze promptly leaves Miss Trixie and Imogene behind, while Addie leaves Imogene enough money to pay for her own passage home. Orphaned Addie Loggins (Tatum O'Neal, in her film debut) is left in the care of unethical traveling Bible salesman Moses Pray (Ryan O'Neal, Tatum's dad), who may or may not be her father. One night, Addie and "Moze" (as Addie addresses him) stop at a local carnival, where Moze becomes enthralled with an "exotic dancer" named Miss Trixie Delight and leaves Addie at a photo booth to have her photograph taken alone (of herself sitting on a crescent moon, to suggest the film's title). RELATED: Tatum O’Neal Says She Was ‘Sexually Assaulted’ Multiple Times as a Child Actress. "He was the first love of my life. Unfortunately the bootlegger's twin brother is the local sheriff, who has spotted them stealing and quickly arrests Addie and Moze. Her other notable movies included The Bad News Bears and Little Darlings. [6], At the suggestion of Polly Platt, Bogdanovich approached eight-year-old Tatum O'Neal to audition for the role although she had no acting experience. "[6] Bogdanovich added the scene in which Addie has her picture taken in a paper moon solely so the studio would allow him to use the title. and was looking for another project when his ex-wife and frequent collaborator Polly Platt recommended filming Joe David Brown's script for the novel Addie Pray. Want to bookmark your favourite articles and stories to read or reference later? The actress became the youngest competitive Academy Award winner in history when she picked up a gong at the age of 10. Tatum O’Neal gives genuinely my favorite child performance ever. Addie hides their money in her hat, steals back the key to their car, and the pair escape. She remains the youngest Oscar winner in a competitive category. It was not a ratings success and the series was canceled in January 1975. [10], It currently holds a 92% approval rating from critics, based on 36 reviews, at Rotten Tomatoes; its consensus reads, "Expertly balancing tones, Paper Moon is a deft blend of film nostalgia and finely tuned performances – especially from Tatum O'Neal, who won an Oscar for her debut. Peter Bogdanovich also decided to change the name of the film from Addie Pray. [14] Charles Champlin of the Los Angeles Times wrote that Tatum O'Neal was "just plain marvelous and Paper Moon is a tough, funny, beautifully calculated diversion". “Any child could have wiggled on the bed,” she told The New York Times in January 1974. “If there was any horror in the exorcism, it was me!” After the actress sued Warner Bros, the studio behind the film, “and Mercedes McCambridge” was added to the end credits. But when Tatum O’Neal was nominated for an Oscar and her father wasn’t, it created tension. I thought it spoilt an otherwise excellent film. The script by Julius and Philip G Epstein provided lines of dialogue about gin joints, rounding up the usual suspects and playing “As Time Goes By” that are still quoted today. The trouble is that the film covers all the ground it is going to cover in the scene in the restaurant near the beginning when we, with Ryan O'Neal, first realise that the sweetly awful child is going to be more than a match for him as far as wits are concerned". Tatum O'Neal won the Oscar for this at-times both heartless AND heartfelt romp, but Paper Moon truly is Bogdanovich's show, staking a phenomenal follow-up … “Historically, Oscar voters have proven they will embrace young actresses but not young actors,” O’Neil, of, says, noting that 8-year-old Justin Henry (Kramer vs. Kramer) and 11-year-old Haley Joel Osment (The Sixth Sense) were nominated for Best Supporting Actor but didn’t win. At the time, O’Neal said he hoped the new movie would bring him closer to his restless daughter, who was estranged from her mother, actress Joanna Moore. The western was considered an anachronism and so was Clint Eastwood himself when Eastwood made his blood soaked masterpiece. As time passes, Moses and Addie become a formidable team. The bottle of soda pop drunk by Addie is from Nehi Soda, by a company founded as Chero-Cola in 1910, in 1925 renamed Nehi Corporation, which became Royal Crown Company, then Dr Pepper/Seven Up, then Dr Pepper Snapple Group. Ryan O’Neill and Joanna Moore, circa 1965, Tatum O’Neal has attempted to reconcile with her father, Support free-thinking journalism and attend Independent events, The actress became the youngest competitive Academy Award winner in history when she picked up a gong at the age of 10.